Sunday, October 5, 2014

Saudi Arabia in a New Light - Part Two: The Extension

In Part One I mentioned that I came back to Saudi Arabia from my West Coast “retreat” feeling rejuvenated and clear headed.  I didn’t mention that I also came back with a project to work on, and that project was the process of obtaining a house.  No, not just a house, a Piece of Heaven.  I am not going to go into any more details.  At this point in time things are still being worked out and, while I’m feeling positive about things coming together, it’s not quite definite yet.  The only reason why I’m mentioning it is because Piece of Heaven plays a big role in the latest situation I have found myself in with regards to my life in Saudi Arabia.

I have said that, if Saudi Arabia is anything, it is a gift to those of us desiring to gain financial freedom.   In the process of me finally recognizing this of Saudi, it has also allowed me to finally admit that it is one of the big reasons for me being here.  My job here is amazing and I gain so much goodness from it both with career-based experience and with the joys that the smile and gorgeous dimples of the boy I work with bring; but let’s face it, I would not have come here if the money didn’t make moving to a desert on the other side of the world worth it.

What am I getting at here?  Well, something happens when you decide to buy a house.  As many people already know, bank accounts get drained and require refilling.  Take this fact and add to it my new positive perspectives and outlook on life in Saudi Arabia, plus the wonderful friendships that I’ve developed with people here, plus the motivation that comes from seeing the therapy you provide to a client actually create positive gains, and you have the perfect storm for making it worthwhile to stay in Saudi Arabia a little longer.

Yes, you heard correctly.  I was asked to stay in Saudi Arabia for another few months and I agreed to do it.  It really makes total and complete sense in all aspects.  There are lots of benefits in the realm of my work here (that I won’t get into because, for confidentiality reasons, I don’t like to put details of my work in my blog), I can continue to experience personal growth through my epiphanies now that I understand myself and my relationship to Saudi more clearly, and I can get my financial foothold back after investing what savings I currently have into a property that is the epitome of peace and harmony.

And so, here I am, staying in Saudi Arabia for an extra four months.  I am actually at peace with this.  There are definitely times when I wonder if I can make it through, but that is just a remnant of old thought patterns that still float around my now open-minded and positive mind frame.  I don’t engage with those thoughts anymore and, instead, think about all of the wonderful things that will come from just a few extra months of remaining in Saudi Arabia.  And wonderful things will happen because I am in a positive place now.  I have come to recognize that thoughts become things, as Mike Tooley says, and so I choose the good ones.

In Joy,

p.s.  Thank you to everyone back home who are playing a part in keeping my life back in BC in order for a few extra months.  Sky, Jared, Chai, Piece of Heaven, Westie and my sanity all thank you to the moon and back!

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