Friday, January 25, 2013

Flying with Emirates. Pampered Much??

And now the blog you've all been waiting for (or, well, the blog that Rayna's been waiting for at least).  My flight with Emirates.  I played the typical starstruck-hillbilly-tourist type and took a bunch of pictures.  They pretty much speak for themselves, so sit back and enjoy the view.

I started off at Vancouver airport, courtesy of Ed.  He was convinced that I wouldn't be able to get all of my to-be-checked luggage on the trolley.  Ed, however, was unaware of my packing prowess developed over years of packing trucks and lofts with oh so many square bales of hay.  As per usual, my visual spatial skills prevailed and Ed was left with the feeling of defeat.  (p.s.  Thanks for the ride, Ed!!  Was so awesome to be sent off by such a fabulous friend!) 

My flight with Emirates didn't begin until I made it to the Seattle Airport.  Rayna, you were completely right.  This airport is pretty fantastic.  Via recommendations from Rayna, I checked out an awesome store called "Fireworks" and bought myself a nice little going away present.  Something to keep me feeling the love from back home whenever I hang it around my neck...which is pretty much all the time.

I can't figure out how to rotate the image...and I'm too lazy to go and edit it in iPhoto.  You get the idea.

I also bought myself what I thought would be my last beer for a LONG while.  Alcohol is illegal in Saudi Arabia.  So, "beer me" was the phrase of choice during my lunch in Seattle.

Then it was off to my gate where I would set off on my first 5 Star flight.  It was at this gate where I met my insta-friend, Karan, who was heading to India for a wedding before he began his new career with Microsoft in Seattle.  LOVE meeting insta-friends!

And so begins my business class flight with Emirates.

 Why not start with a nice little picture-in-picture show of what's happening outside of the airplane?  Oh, what's that?  I can opt to see the show on the entire screen?  Excellent.

Leg room anyone?  Don't mind if I do!

 These digs are pretty swanky!

Sure, I'll gladly accept your complimentary socks and eye-mask.  They'll come in handy when I lay back in my fully-reclined seat later in the evening.

And I'm sure the nice headset will be nice to have once I sit back to watch my choice of hundreds of movies and tv shows to keep me entertained.

 Hmmm...what shall I watch while waiting for dinner to be served?  Ah, Life Cycles.  Yep, nothing like a nice little bit of bike-riding reminiscing to say a temporary good-bye to my beautiful BC home.

"Erryday I'm Shuttlin"
I don't do the dirt-jumping thing, but this is probably my favourite part of the Life Cycles movie!

 Time to play with the control centre...multiple settings for my seat.  Nice that they spelled out which setting would work best for each circumstance I may encounter on my flight.  Emirates, you really do think of everything!
 These controls helped me to raise or lower my privacy panel that separated me from my next door neighbour.  Of which there was none, otherwise I would've had him/her take my picture during the flight.

 Just in case I need to make an important phone call.

Time for dinner!  What shall I eat?  So many choices!

 What's this?  A present?  Oh Emirates, you shouldn't have!

 A toiletry kit from Bulgari!!  Just what I never thought I wanted, but am so happy to have!!

Warm nuts before dinner.  Yes, please!

 First course.  Broccoli soup with greek salad. 
 Second course.  Some kind of delicious fish in a delicious sauce with rice and shitaki mushrooms.

 Dessert.  Chocolate mousse cake with orange sauce.  Combined with some light reading while I finish my flying at it's finest.

I might as well be in a hotel....I even get notification stickers to let my server, Carlos, know what I want while I'm sleeping.

Time for bed.  Better get my sleepy-time socks on.

Chocolates before bed.  Don't mind if I do!


Some pictures of the view.  I believe these are the Zagros Mountains in Iran.

Some images of my flight from Dubai to Riyadh.

 Nighttime view of Dubai

 I have a massaging chair on this flight!  Yes!!!

 Descending into Riyadh.  Time to put my abaya on and get my head scarf ready.

Some images of Riyadh.

And that's that, folks.  I hope you enjoyed the show. I know I did!

In Joy,