Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Riyadh Interactive: Help me inform you!

Since my computer is on the fritz and I'm still keen to keep up with regular blog posts I came up with an idea.  I'm unable to do any real amount of typing because I'm just not that interested in hen pecking my way through a post via my phone.  Instead, I'm going to have you, my dearest readers, help me out.  Let me explain...

One thing that often happens to me when I travel is that I forget to look at the forest and concentrate only on the trees (or grains of sand in my case, I suppose).  When I leave a place I realize that there's a lot I missed simply because I forgot to shift my perspective now and again, or I simply didn't get curious about various aspects of life or culture while I was there.  This is where you guys come in.  I know a number of you have had questions for me about life in Riyadh and have asked me those questions on Facebook.  I have a feeling a number of others have questions of their own.  Now is the time to ask.  While I'm waiting for my computer to be repaired I'll become an investigative journalist and ask my seasoned Riyadh resident friends for answers if I can't answer them myself.  As a result of this little project, you'll get your curiosity quenched and I'll gain a better perspective of this interesting country.

To ask a question, click on the "Post A Comment" link below this blog entry and start typing.  Then I'll head out and start my research.  Once my computer is fixed I'll have oodles of material to write about.  Oooh! This is exciting!!

In Joy,


  1. Oh you opened a can of worms with this post my darling friend. My questions, in order of importance:
    1) Would I still be funny in Riyadh?
    2) Do woodchucks chuck as much wood with so much sand?
    3) Are there camel races? And, if so, have you entered?
    4) How many humps does Alice the Camel really have?
    5) Do you know where my white belt is?
    6) Are people from Riyadh called Riyadhians? because that would be awesome.
    7) Are sandstorms really a thing? Or are they just in Mission Impossible movies?
    8) Where is the closest body of water and is surfing a possibiltty?
    9) Are you scared of aqua cobras? You should be.
    10) What do you miss most....about me?

    1. Of course you would have a complete list for me, Robyn. Your randomness never ceases to be endearing. I'll start working on the answers right away. Love you and love that you're my friend!

  2. If the Amazing Race came to Riyadh (or Saudi Arabia in general)
    1. What is the coolest place they would see when they picked up their next clue?
    2. What is the hardest thing they would do for a Road Block?
    3. What is the weirdest thing they would eat for a challenge?
    4. Where would they stay for the Pit Stop?

    1. My the way, this is Michele :)

  3. Hi Bonnie, Sheryl-Lynn here.

    1. What direction do the toilets flush?
    2. Do they have farmers' markets?
    3. Do women in Riyadh go swimming?
    4. What kind of street food do they have?
    5. What does the poor section of Riyadh look like?
    6. What is minimum wage?
    7. What is the best souvenir to send back to me?
    8. Are people really called to prayer many times per day? What do you do then?
    9. Does Royalty sneeze?
    10. Are the toilets in the palace made of gold?
    11. What's the most ostentatious display of wealth that you've seen so far?
    12. What's the best meal you've had?

    I suppose that will do... Have a blast, hope you're computer is back soon.

  4. Hi Bonnie,
    Anita here. I am really enjoying your blog entries. I hope you get your computer fixed very soon. In the meanwhile, I'm wondering if you have had or will have the opportunity to participate in your favourite
    pasttimes??? My understanding is bike riding and horse Arabic bikes and Arabian stallions?
    Would you have to wear an abaya to do any bike riding or horse riding? Are there places specifically set aside for women to do these two activities? Or are you out of luck for the year with said bike riding and horse riding? Are Arabic bikes and Arabian horses very different from our mountain bikes and quarter horses? :) Take care. I am soooo glad you are having fun and embracing the culture with a positive attitude.
    Anita Davidson


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